Specialist Structures

We have the largest selection of bespoke frame tent modifications in the UK. From our T-Shape Cruciform marquee to our Triangle Cone Marquee, we can supply an award winning structure for your event

Cruciform Marquee

We are the UK's leading experts in cruciform marquee installation and one of the only companie's that can provide one on a 12m frame perfect for small to large events. This design allows you to join two marquees in the shape of a T and Bridge the two Eave's in between opoening up a large space over head. This is a perfect for splitting up the marquee into different areas but still have an open auditorium style space.

Tri-Cone Marquee

This structure joins three marquee's to form a triangle area in the centre. The Centre attachement is in the shape os a large stunning cone. This is a great deisgn for people looking to split up areas of the marquee. Great  for weddings, themed events and birthdays alike.

Hexagonal End

This attachement can be attached to any 9m or 12m marquee frame. It simply adds a hexagonal end shape to the marquee with either a clear or lined roof. We also carry a stock of clear walls.

Clear Structures

We carry a huge stock of clear walls, clear gables and clear roofs in most sizes. This allows us to either deisgn a marquee with partial clear sections or design and completley clear marquee. The choices is yours.