Marquee Linings and Carpets

Marquee Linings

Linings can be the most important part of a marquee which can transform the whole interior look. For this reason we offer a wide variety of linings including ivory pleated linings, flat white linings and blackout linings with starlight ceiling sections. We also offer swags, wall overlays and roof overlay linings in a variety of different. This option is great addition for matching a colour of wedding, corporate company colour or themed event such as “Vegas”.

Other popular additions are specialist linings features such as circular drape pieces or fringe curtains. Fringe curtains are used to break up certain areas of the marquee without providing a solid wall. They can also be used as decorative pieces such as columns with the use of specialist lighting.

Marquee Flooring and Walkways


Our recycled event carpeting is available in different colours and is only used once for each event meaning that you get fresh carpet every time! Once the carpet is used it is recycled once again. We also use underlay to protect the carpet and your lawn. Carpet can also be used for walkways and outdoor areas.


Wood flooring is perfect for upmarket events and also marquees to be erected on unlevelled grounds. With the addition of a wood floor frame you can level off your marquee on almost any surface. In some cases we can also construct a scaffolding frame to support your marquee.


A traditional choice for marquee floors is matting. We use man made matting which can be cleaned more thoroughly after each event giving a new look every time. Matting can also be used for walkways and outdoor areas. Like carpeting we also use protective underlay for matted areas.

Why use us?

  • We offer competitive rates as we source our materials direct from the manufacturer;
  • We overcome any uneven surface...