Marquee Lighting

Marquee lighting can play an important role in setting the mood for your event. Forever trying to break the mould we use high end impact products that really set the unique atmosphere of a Party Doctors marquee.

Starlight Ceiling

Our sky at night ceilings are made to stand out! We use a custom made cloth with 100’s of LEDs to create a starry sky inside your marquee. This option also comes with a controller so that you can set the speed and brightness of the twinkling stars. We can provide the cloth in black or white.


We have a range of chandeliers from wrought iron framed candelabras to our luxury black or white diamond pieces.


Our led uplighter battens are very rare in the marquee industry. Most companies use cheaper par cans or standard uplighters. As a production company we use battens to wash large sections of the wall linings in the colour of your choice. We can also program them to fade in between colours or flash different colours. For special events we use special RGBAW uplighters to make a perfect colour match to particular themes.

Par Can & Ceiling Washes

We can supply lighting in the ceiling of the marquee to wash certain areas of the tent in the colour of your choice. These can also be connected to the uplighters so that your whole tent will change colour at the same time!

Spot Lights

Spot lights are a great way to pin spot tables and features such bars giving off a thin beam of concentrated light. This is a perfect application if you do not wish to light up surrounding areas.

Fairy Lights

Our indoor LED curtains are great for lighting up Ivory and white linings. We also have LED string light to light up walkways and foliage.

Festoon Lighting

Festoon lighting can be used for all sorts of lit decorations. A popular choice is Chinese paper lanterns. We can also use this lighting run alongside walkways and light up outside areas.

LED Outdoor Wash Lights

Using outside lighting in the correct manor can create a unique atmosphere and experience for your guests. Using LED washes we can light outdoor features such as foliage, buildings and pathways.

Gas Flame Lights

Our custom made flame lights are the tallest and most stunning flambeaux lights available to hire in the UK. The flambeaux are made from wrought iron measuring an impressive 8ft tall. They also use a special burner allowing the flame to be set up to 2ft in height.

Gobo Projections

Gobo projectors are used to project patterns and logos on to walls, objects and surfaces. They are prefect for projecting birthday names, wedding names, corporate logos and themed patterns such as a snowflake for Christmas.

General Event Lighting

We can provide almost any type of event lighting you require. Wether it's disco lighting or stage lighting for band we gurantee that we can provide the right solution for yuor event

Why use us?

  • As we are a production company we offer high quality lighting options;
  • We do not use the cheap marquee standards of lighting;
  • We offer bespoke diamond chandeliers;
  • We can provide LED lighting that can change the colour of the tent at the push of a button;
  • We can provide a lighting designer and lighting jockey if necessary;
  • We can rig professional stage lighting into the tent;
  • Our staff are also trained in stage rigging.