What parts of the UK do you cover?

For our main events we cover London and surrounding counties so that we are within travelling distance from our base if needed. However we do regularly travel further a field for smaller hire packages such as disco’s, fun catering and games hire. We have be known to travel as far as Slovakia for events!

What condition are your marquees in?

Our marquees are in amazing condition and amazingly clean. We take a different approach to most companies as in we flight case all of our PVC and linings meaning they stay spotless for each event. Our business model is also very different to other marquee companies too. As we supply everything in house our marquees tend to get used for less events due to production turn around time. Most marquee companies aim to get as many bookings as possible and to get the tents up and down as quickly as possibly meaning they subjected to a lot of wear and tear...

We can provide countless recommendations if needed. People are always blown away by our tents!

Do you do small events?

Yes, although our website showcases most of the large events we do, most of our events are for fewer than 200 guests. We treat all of our clients with the same care and all events with the same attention to detail. We have tent sizes to suit almost any event and terrain.

Do you only supply marquees?

No, we supply everything event related. Marquee Doctors is owned by Party Doctors, a complete event supplies company which owns everything in house. A lot of marquee companies claim to own everything or can source most things however as we do actually own a huge diverse stock, we can put together the most amazing tents at competitive rates. This also allows us to offer a very high quality service.

How safe are your marquees?

Are marquees are extremely safe and are all installed by trained members of staff. They are all CE rated and have high wind load ratings. The interior linings and exterior PVC are also fully fire resistant and conform to BSI safety standards.

Do tents have to be on a level surface?

Having a level surface is ideal however we can adapt our tents to almost any surface. We can even run tents over multiple levelled areas. We even offer tents with suspended floors which provide a perfect level surface.

Do you own all of the equipment you use?

For almost all events yes! This allows us to be much more creative and bespoke. This means that we can provide the events that people always remember and why we have a great reputation. Most other companies hire off each other so they have to randomly piece together an event usually ending up with a disjointed affair. Our basis when the company was originally founded was to supply everything in house. There are still a few things that we do not offer in house but can supply at competitive rates due to bulk and long term hire such as generators and toilets, however we only use the best suppliers and guarantee the lowest prices for this.

Can you erect a marquee on a hard surface?

Yes we can. We have even be known to erect marquees on roof tops. This will require a little bit of extra work and cost for items such as water weights and ratchet straps.

Will a marquee damage my grounds?

We take every precaution to look after your grounds as much as possible during installation and de-rig. If the marquee is to go on grass it can discolour it for a few days, however it does spring back to life quickly. We will, of course, always sweep and clean the area for any litter that we cause before we leave the site.

How do I book? What are your payment terms?

If you would like to make a booking simply call the office line and we will send you details via email or in the post. We would then require a 10-20% deposit of the total fee depending on what you book. The balance is then due before the event. Accounts are available for regular clients.

My venue is asking for a PAT Certificate & Public Liability Insurance, Do you have this?

All of our equipment is PAT tested every year. We currently have public liability insurance of up to £5 million but can extend to £10million if required.

Do I have to book everything through you?

No, not in the slightest, you don't have to book all of your event items through us. Although we do recommend booking everything through us as you will get a much better deal on like for like products and quality as we own everything in house. You also have one point of contact and only a one off delivery cost. We are however happy to supply whatever you like on a complete dry hire basis, even if you have had a full quote from us. We regularly work with other companies and 100’s of which hire our bespoke products for their events. We also offer a dry hire service where you can collect items from our warehouse or have them delivered. A large percentage of our business is one off hire’s such as a discos or dance floors.

Do you price match?

We are always happy to price match items on like for like quality subject to availability. We always recommend you research thoroughly what you are hiring in the events world as there is so much variation in products. For example, bars are custom made for or by most companies who own them if not sub-contracting. A round bar from one company may be wood frame and basic Perspex where the other (like ours) would be fully stainless steel complete with ice wells, speed rails and fridges. Photos can also be decieving so make sure you check the finer details. We are an honest bunch here so feel free to call us for advice with any questions that you may have.